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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forums Up!

The Book of Hondo web forums are up and running!


Visit them here!

1:17 pm est

Friday, October 24, 2008


After many years of work (but mostly laziness and procrastination) is up.

Currently I don't feel the need to pay for additional pages to properly display the book.  That might change if I get a decent flow of cash again.  Until then I'll look around for some free forum type things that I can link here.

The download is an older version of the book, which does not include all of the books, but I wanted to get some sort of consolidated file up for whoever wants it.

1:30 pm est


Hondo is a religion that doesn't take itself seriously.  The book of Hondo will be available for viewing eventually. 
All credit for The book of Hondo goes to the author Scoot the Ko`an for his tireless dedication to the religious text.

The Book of Hondo in its current incarnation.

Worship on your own time.

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